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Introduction of Hancook CO., LTD...

To deliver a culinary experience that captures the quintessence of Korean cuisine to our beloved customers.

Hancook Company Specialize in restaurant businesses which include Korean restaurant, BBQ restaurant, etc. we’re also expanding our own food production business. Our business fields focus on creating products that have the characteristic of Korean cuisine in it, so that we can deliver fascinating experience to our customers.


Activity information


In Korea, Hanbok is the traditional costume that Korean people are proud of. Korean culture is not only reflected in the traditional food but also impressive in Hanbok costumes, so to discover the most comprehensive Kimchi culture not only enjoy the food Here you also should once put on the...

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Jjukkumi - Nutrition is provided from baby octopus

Jjukkumi is one of Korea's unique "delicacies" because of its nutrients as well as the sweetness of its meat. The ordinary baby octopus will be marinated with red pepper sauce "gochugaru" then stir fry. Eating with octopus also includes samgyeopsal or shiso and, of course, the soju that people are...

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